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"It keeps you from feeling like a spectacle."

October 28, 2005.
CBS4 Denver, Colorado.

Colorado is known for its great trail system, but there are very few places in the world like a new trail in Boulder.

Judy Neal said the trail on Flagstaff Mountain, with snow capped peaks in the distance and beauty as far as the eye can see, is the best place for hiking.

Even so, Neal can't see any of it because she's blind.

The trail is a first of its kind in Colorado and one of only a handful nationwide designed not only for the disabled, but by the disabled.

The path consists of a wide, even path with ropes to guide the way and signs in Braille.

"I just love the touch it [sign], instead of don't touch it," Neal said.

The trail was designed for people to experience nature in a different way.

"By giving people a chance to use their other senses it gives them a chance to have a deeper connection with the land surrounding Boulder," said Steve Mertz, a Boulder ranger.

"It keeps you from feeling like a spectacle. You're just out there doing what everyone else is," Neal said.

Mertz said he hopes through the new trail, nature can be accessible to all people, regardless of how they experience it.

Boulder's Center for People with Disabilities helped design the trail with the city's Open Space department.

It's located on Flagstaff Mountain near the amphitheatre.

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