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Guide Horse Receives Eviction Notice.

October 28, 2005., Texas.

EULESS, Texas -- A Euless man says he won't part with his horse even though his landlord wants the animal out of his apartment.

Rusty, a miniature horse, is just 4 months old, and fast on his way to becoming a first-rate guide horse, or so says his trainer.

Chad Nutt says he's trained seven horses to be service animals for people are blind. Rusty is equipped with a harness and even wears baby shoes, so he won't slip inside restaurants or stores.

"A dog on average will learn 25 and upwards of 50 commands, but horses have almost like a photographic memory. They'll learn over 800 commands," Nutt said.

Problems are afoot as the management of Nutt's apartment complex handed the tenant and his horse an eviction notice this week, saying Rusty is an unauthorized animal, and they don't want hay on Nutt's patio.

Nutt said state and federal laws allow any kind of service animal to live at the apartment, and said the animals need to learn to live in apartment settings as they would the deaf or blind.

"He'll pick up their mail, he'll help tell them pick out clothing, help pick out colors, help put up laundry," Nutt said.

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