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October 30, 2005.
PR Newswire.

Sports fans are just a phone call away from the latest scores and sports news. ifbyphone's Content on Command service is available anytime, anywhere.

A special toll-free number, 866 350-9836, is now in operation. Call and you're connected to ifbyphone. ifbyphone provides custom web-like access from your telephone. You navigate by voice command without ever needing to touch the keypad or straining to read a tiny screen. By integrating sophisticated voice recognition and state of the art text to speech technologies, ifbyphone empowers your cell phone, home phone, or business phone to be your personalized play-by-play source.

-- ifbyphone now provides the tools to set your preferences for your favorite teams and sports. Anytime you dial in, ifbyphone's proprietary technology recognizes a registered user and begins reporting:

-- Real time scores

-- Game Previews and Game Recaps

-- Betting Lines including odds, spreads and total points

-- BCS Rankings and Coaches Polls

-- ifbyphone's league data aggregation includes: NFL, NCAA Football (I-A), NCAA Basketball (Men's and Women's), NBA, NHL, and MLB. Coming soon is NASCAR, Golf, NCAA Football(Other Divisions) FIFA Soccer and Tennis.

ifbyphone's proprietary technology provides its community of registered users with not just sports but the latest news, weather, stocks, RSS feeds, Blogs plus interactive games and fiction -- all personalized. This new release (Beta 2) also includes:

-- E-mail Keyword Scan and Notification: Registered users can enter any keyword. ifbyphone scans all incoming messages and will call the designated phone number to alert them when an e-mail with the keyword arrives. ifbyphone's text to speech tool can then be commanded to read the message.

-- Dynamic Chat: Questions on "water-cooler" topics are available to any registered ifbyphone user. Users can share opinions and listen to what others have said anytime from anywhere.

Free registration and customization is now available at .

About ifbyphone:

ifbyphone is a new media company focused on the distribution of recorded and text based information and family friendly entertainment via voice. The customizable features of the ifbyphone voice-based service are available directly to individual customers and to corporations. Use any phone anywhere to access the latest news, sports or weather, listen to your e-mail, search thousands of RSS feeds, access hundreds of Blogs, monitor your portfolio, play fun games or enjoy interactive fiction.

Funding for is provided by Cogitations, Inc., a software technology incubator headquartered in Skokie, Illinois.

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