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November 01, 2005., United Kingdom.

National Talking Express has launched a new monthly audio magazine. Media Roundup will keep the visually impaired community bang up to date with the latest media news.

NTE through its two magazines cover DAB, DRM, AM, FM, Short Wave, Satellite radio and TV, mobile Phones and speech software that goes with them. It reviews Media related equipment, give tips for Visually Impaired People so as to make it easier for them to gain access to the fast moving media developments. It also feature Computers, Software, Web Site news and Hi-Fi gear etc.

This is available via tape, or online via their website.

RADIO for the PRINT IMPAIRED of the UNITED KINGDOM (RPIUK), part of NTE, is in the process of creating a Radio Station, designed to meet the needs of people who find difficulty in accessing print information.

Initially, the Station will be on a Sky Digital Radio channel for the English Speaking Community throughout Europe and will transmit for 24 hours, around the clock. Later, it is anticipated that cable companies will take the service and the station will be supported by advertising. However, RPIUK will need to raise, for the first year's production, a sum in the region of 400,000.00.

This will be achieved, by obtaining Grants and Sponsorship and by public donation.

The new service will not only serve visually impaired listeners but it is hoped that other groups of print impaired people will also benefit. This is an initiative brought forward by blind and partially sighted people and it is intended that a high proportion of the personnel of the new station, will themselves be print impaired.

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