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Accessibility Software on a Portable MP3 Player.

November 03, 2005.

Premier Assistive Technology announces Key to Access - Accessibility Software on a Portable MP3 Player!!

This is the ultimate in portable accessibility! Once again, Premier Assistive introduces true innovation in assistive technology. The Key to Access is not much bigger than a car key - yet still opens the world of computer information to individuals with print-related disabilities. A device not much larger than a pack of gum contains a collection of tools designed to make your entire computer accessible.

"it is like carrying and assistive technology tool box in my pocket!" Susan Rivers, District 107.

Dr. Steve Timmer, Chairman tells us "The Key to Access enables you to take your Assistive Software with you on a portable USB MP3 Player. By just inserting the MP3 Player into any USB Port, the floating tool bar will appear and then just select any of the 8 powerful tools. The software NEVER needs to be installed on your computer. All your personal settings are saved on your Key to Access so that no matter which computer you use, your access will be the same."

"Finally Assistive Technology students will want to use, because it does not lock them down to a special room, or make them look any different" C.B. WP University.

"The built-in voice recorder even allows you to dictate notes or record lectures and listen to them later. Plug it into the USB drive and you have access to a 250,000-word Talking Dictionary. The Universal Reader is ideal for reading emails and web pages and E-Text Reader is a tremendous study tool that allows you to highlight, bookmark, search and extract text from a document. The Talking Word Processor has talking word prediction and the world's most powerful talking grammar check. Scan and Read Pro is compatible with most flat bed scanners. Just place a book on the scanner and within a few seconds Scan and Read can be reading it to you. PDF Magic is outstanding for converting inaccessible PDF files to accessible formats. Text To Audio application will take documents from your computer convert them to MP3 and put them right on your Key to Access player so that you can listen to them away from your computer.

"Finally assistive technology that is practical out side of the classroom, and useful in employment". Ian Employability.

Ken Grisham, President, further explains "Since the tools are built into the 1 Gigabyte USB MP3 Player, you will always have ample space for your own files too. Each Key to Access even comes with its own personal set of earphones. Our Live Update technology keeps your software up-to-date with the latest software features and functions simply by connecting to the Internet. Employing Key to Access can significantly help organizations overcome the burden of having to install, update and manage assistive software. With Key to Access, students and teachers can take their reading / writing tools wherever they need to be without waiting for their Technology Staff to load and setup software. It couldn't be easier".

"One most interesting ideas to come out of AT in years" Dr. J Burton.

The Key to Access specifications:

MP3 Player
Digital Voice Recorder
1 GB Flash USB Drive - 512 MB Free to hold up to 16 Hours of audio books.
Ear Bud Headphones
18-Month Warranty
Requires only 1 AAA battery that lasts about 16 hours of listening
Requires Windows 2000 or XP with 128 MB of RAM

The price of Key to Access is only $349.95 for the ultimate is portable accessibility software!!!

For more information about this and our other products, order online at

or call us at 517-668-8188 or 815-722-5961.

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