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BBC launches accessibility site.

November 04, 2005. (UK).

The BBC has partnered with computing and disability charity AbilityNet, to launch a site designed to help people with disability get the most out of the Internet.

The site, My Web, My Way

provides advice to people who would benefit from making changes to their browser, operating system, or computer.

The site gives advice on a range of specialist hardware such as alternative keyboards and mice, and software such as voice recognition, screen reading and word prediction.

To site aims to help users whatever their ability or disability, and regardless of the operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux) they use.

Jonathan Hassell, the BBC's digital accessibility editor, said: "As a public service Website,'s goal is to ensure that we serve all of our users. In creating My Web, My Way, our work with AbilityNet helps make this objective a reality."

Jon Gooday, senior consultant on AbilityNet's Web consultancy team and an architect of the new resource, said: "You wouldn't dream of driving a car before you'd adjusted your driving position and mirrors - this site is a practical guide for doing the same with your computer."

The site has received endorsement from The Disability Rights Commission (DRC), RNIB and RNID.

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