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Enemy Attack updated.

November 07, 2005.

title: Enemy Attack.

url: No link!

download page: link

license: open source.

genre: Arcade Games.

developer: Dreamtech Interactive.

platform: Windows.

release: 2005.

features: sound.


Enemy Attack is a freeby by Dreamtech Interactive. Although it was based on the (open) source code of Chopper Patrol, it is now an original game instead. The game revolves around destroying enemy aircraft (including jets, planes, choppers), and bombs. There are 9 levels of enemies, with ten waves per level. The waves are not announced, but for each wave destroyed you are rewarded with the enemy coming at you faster and faster.

To attack the enemy, you press keys on the keyboard. Since the jets fly the highest, you use the top row of the keyboard--1 through dash. To shoot down the planes, use q through left bracket. To knock out the choppers, use a through apostrophe. To destroy the bombs, use z through slash.

Therefore, if a jet comes screaming along from left to right, (and you catch it quick enough,) you can use 1 if it is on the extreme left, 2 if it is a little further on, and so forth. It is the same with the planes, choppers, and bombs.

The movement of the jets and planes is straightforward. They either move from left to right or from right to left. The choppers and bombs move back and forth, having no real direction except downward. Therefore they move quickly around in a random fashion to make them harder to hit.

The game ends when you run out of gunners to fight with, or, of course, in the unlikely event that you actually win.

By pressing Enter you initiate a smart bomb.You start off with three and gain an additional one per level. Be warned though, as satisfying as it might be to irradiate your foe so quickly, you will not gain points or level advancement for using a smart bomb. Statistically, they don't exist--that is, smart bombs do not impact game play in any way except to save your but in a pinch.

The latest version is version 2.0. Ken Downey: "The guns are far more accurate and overlap each other better than in previous versions, and stats are printed to a text file rather than spoken. Also, the inno installation program is used to set up the game rather than the user having to just unzip it to a folder and having to hunt for it. Levels spoken can be interrupted by the arrow keys to make finding the right level for you proceed more quickly, and the download size is very small."

Go grab this cool freeby by clicking the download link

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