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Large Print News Journal Began with a Daughter's Promise to Her Elderly Father.

November 12, 2005.
New Age Media Concepts.

MILL CREEK, WA, (NAMC) - Marilyn Spellman Cole was so discouraged by the lack of large print news publications available for her 86-year-old father, Clifford - who suffered from low vision due to age-related macular degeneration - she promised him she would create a large print newspaper. Six months later, in August, 2005, the first issue of "In-Sight" was published.

In-Sight is a monthly large print news journal that features national and international news, feature stories, travel stories, medical information, syndicated columns, book reviews, a crossword puzzle, and even a comics page. Each issue also includes an article on vision care. All stories are printed using highly readable 16- and 18-point font, rather than the standard 10- and 12-point fonts used in regular newspapers. In-Sight is one of only three national, general interest news publications available in large print; Reader's Digest and the New York Times are the others.

Sadly, Clifford Spellman did not live to see the first issue of In-Sight. He died in March, 2005. "Dad knew me very well, and he knew I always keep my promises," says Marilyn Cole, who was her father's primary caregiver when he died. "As much as I wish he could have held an issue of In-Sight in his hands, he has very much influenced this process, and each issue is dedicated to his memory."

Cole is familiar with the publishing industry. In 1983, she and her husband established Cobro Publishing, which publishes sourcing guides for the high tech electronics manufacturing industry.

Cole is confident that In-Sight will be a much appreciated resource for some of the millions of Americans who suffer from low vision, and who miss reading the newspaper, as her father did. "Through caring for my dad, I was shocked to learn how common age-related macular degeneration and other vision problems are. There's a tremendous part of society being overlooked and under-served, and that's people with low vision."

With the aging of America, low vision problems are reaching epidemic proportions. Each year, 250,000 people are diagnosed with macular degeneration. Two other causes of vision loss - diabetic retinopathy and retinitis pigmentosa - are at an all-time high. Although estimates vary, the Foundation for the Blind says there are approximately 8.7 million visually impaired people in the United States, plus another 1.3 million who are legally blind.

"There are some incredible adaptive technologies available for people with vision loss," Cole says. "I'm amazed when I see the innovative products our advertisers offer, and our readers tell us how happy they are to discover these resources.

"It's also important to realize that as low-tech as a newspaper is, there is a great satisfaction and comfort in holding it and reading it. This is a simple joy that too many people are forced to give up as their vision begins to fail. It moves me beyond words when I hear from someone who is able to enjoy reading the newspaper again, after thinking it was a pleasure lost to them forever."

In-Sight is a 40-page monthly newspaper, produced in standard tabloid size. An annual subscription is $12. Those interested in a free trial issue may order one at, or by calling (800) 755-6111. In-Sight is published by Cobro Publishing, a privately held corporation based in Mill Creek, Washington.

Barbara Edmondson,
Cobro Publishing

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