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Blind golfer realises the dream of every amateur hacker.

November 16, 2005.

A BLIND Israeli golfer realised the dream of every amateur hacker when he shot a hole-in-one.

Zohar Sharon aced the 160-metre, 15th hole at the Caesarea Golf Club in Israel during a round yesterday.

Mr Sharon, with a handicap of 20, initially thought he had overhit his tee-shot but was delighted when his caddy, Shimshon Levy, found the ball nestled in the cup.

"He went crazy. I did not understand what he was shouting about, I thought a snake had bitten him," Mr Sharon said of Mr Levy, who accompanies him on his regular rounds of golf and lines him up for his shots.

"It feels like you have been blasted into space," Mr Sharon said today.

"A minute later you are off to the next hole but the happiness stays with you."

Mr Sharon, a 53-year-old former paratrooper, said he took up golf after he was blinded by chemicals sprayed in his face during a combat operation with the Israeli army.

He survives on an army pension now which meant that, instead of standing the traditional round of drinks in the clubhouse after his game, Mr Sharon bought everyone a can of soft drink from the pro shop.

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