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November 21, 2005.
JUF News and Public Affairs.

Real Time by Pnina Moed Kass, the winner of the 2004 Sydney Taylor Book Award for distinguished Jewish children's literature, is the newest book to join JBI International's Talking Book Library for the visually impaired.

A compelling story of life in modern Israel, Real Time follows a number of characters hour by hour to the moment when their lives intersect at a bus bombing in Israel, and through the aftermath of the event. Remarkably insightful and even-handed, this thoughtful book, as publisher Clarion says, "could be the backstory behind yesterday's–or tomorrow's–news."

JBI (established as The Jewish Braille Institute of America) makes books available to readers who are blind, visually impaired, or reading disabled by creating audio, Braille, and large-print versions of popular books on Jewish themes. The audio recording of Real Time will be available to JBI subscribers by January 2006. Braille and large-print versions will be produced upon completion of the audio book.

JBI's collection of over 13,000 Talking Books is available free of charge to anyone meeting the eligibility requirements: inability to read standard print even with corrective lenses; physical disability; and learning or reading disability. Visit to learn more about JBI, and to learn more about the Sydney Taylor Book Award and to view a list of past winners.

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