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New Book Brings The Sun To Life For The Blind.

December 02, 2005.

High-powered telescopes and other equipment allows scientists to see deep into space. Yet a very simple tool is helping those who are blinder and visually impaired put space in the palms of their hands.

It's called "Touch The Sun," and it's an astronomy book that lets those who are blinder and visually impaired experience space in an entirely new way.

"Touch The Sun" is an accessible book where the text pages are in print and braille and the pictures are colored and raised up so it's actually a universally designed book which can be used by a sighted person or a blind person," says Noreen Grice, the book's author.

The National Federation of the Blind headquarters is the platform that's launching this earthly connection to the universe.

Braille and raised pictures allow hands and fingers to feel what the eyes cannot see, and the mind imagines things that at times may be overlooked.

"It's sort of a guide through the sun and it talks about the dynamic nature of the sun and how there's active zones on the sun and how big the sun is compared to the earth," says Grice.

Ninety-three million miles from our planet, the sun sustains life here on earth. Yet "Touch The Sun" is helping the blind and the visually impaired put a star in the palm of their hands.

The Touch The Sun event was sponsored in part by NASA and the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore.

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