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Visually challenged demand quota.

December 4, 2005.
The Hindu.

NEW DELHI: The National Federation of the Blind has asked for extension of reservation for persons with disabilities in general and the blind in particular to the private sector along with other weaker sections such as Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Castes.

Demanding a proper mechanism to monitor the implementation of reservation in favour of persons with disabilities, National Federation of the Blind general secretary S.K. Rungta addressing a press conference said, "We are asking the Government for protection of service benefits of blind employees in public sector companies slated for disinvestments and making provision for giving double retirement benefits who have opted for VRS or likely to opt."

In a release Mr. Runtga noted: "We have been asking for strict implementation of Section 33 of Persons with Disabilities ACT-1995 in the Railways in the matter of 1 per cent reservation in all type of jobs since Railways have totally neglected the blind in the implementation of 1 per cent reservation."

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