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Now a call centre to hire the blind!

December 08, 2005.
Times News Network.

NEW DELHI: And now a call centre for the blind! This industry is full of surprises. The non-governmental organisation, Late Vasantrao Sule Medical and Charitable Trust, is launching a call centre that will employ only unemployed visually impaired youths.

"The call centre will cater to the needs of unemployed youths by providing information about jobs available in Mumbai and Thane," Dr Nitin Sule, a social activist who planned the initiative, told ET. To be called Blindline, it would initially be a placement helpline. Blindline's functions would be extended to other services subsequently, he added.

This is one of the 50 projects which the charity organisation has undertaken to provide self-employment to the physically challenged youths. It is being launched on December 12 in Mumbai.

Officials said that initially computers will not be used. That is because JAWS, the software that enables blind people to use computers, is slow compared to other softwares. Therefore, providing information will be a time-consuming affair. Computers will be introduced once the call centre gets a toll-free number.

"This may not become a very big call centre. But it's an effort to empower visually impaired youths," said Sule. Blindline will be managed by fully and partially blind youths. While completely blind employees will attend to the calls, partially blind ones will take care of the marketing aspect.

"The work timing will initially be from 10 am to 5 pm but will start functioning round-the-clock soon after," Mr Sule said. Other call centres are fully supporting the concept.

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