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Shopping Party: Volunteers help the blind to find gifts for their families.

December 11, 2005.
WOWT, Omaha, Nebraska.

Volunteers helped 128 visually impaired children shop at Westroads Mall Sunday, making shopping dreams for some come true.

Usually when visually impaired children shop for the holidays, they need their parents with them, but through the shopping buddy party they will be able to surprise those close to them.

"They're so happy," said Karen Sokolof Javitch," party sponsor. "So many of them came last year and they're happy to come back. They've got their lists to shop with."

Twins Gordon and Garrett Roden were being helped by volunteers from Skutt High School.

"It's just really good to know you can help someone else out when they need it," said Stephanie Muschell. "It's just a really great experience."

Nearly 200 of Omaha's honor students showed up to be shopping buddies.

"It's really nice that people are setting stuff up like this to help other people," said shopping buddy Katherine Amenta.

Gordon Roden, 14, appreciates the help.

"Because I don't know what to get," he said.

"Their parents will be surprised because they didn't take them out," said shopping buddy Morgan Gradoville. "So I think they're having a good time."

It was the 45th year for the shopping party.

Ruth Sokolof, along with Bernice Wolfson, organized the first shopping party in 1960.

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