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L-mail: Send real letters from your email account.

December 12, 2005.

Whilst email may be the preferred choice of communication for many, the thrill of receiving a letter continues to be enjoyed by everyone. Whether for business or pleasure, sending a letter demonstrates you care that little bit more than sending a free email to a friend or client.

Now, sending a letter has become even easier thanks to some clever innovation from the team at L-Mail who have made sending a real letter literally as easy as sending an email.

Users of the new system simply open a free account with and place an initial deposit. They then enter the names and addresses of their contacts into an address book, selecting where they would like their letters printing from. Each address book entry is then allocated its own unique email address. When an email is sent to the email address it is converted into a real letter and posted by l-mail from a preselected location. A copy of the letter is emailed back to the sender together with confirmation of the letter price and current account balance.

With a choice of over 21 locations around the world for the printing and posting of letters, there is no shortage of places to choose where your letter should be sent from. There is even the facility to upload a digital version of your signature for it to be included on your correspondence.

With prices frequently cheaper than airmail (e.g. For a three page letter including stationery and postage) and days often knocked off the delivery timeframe for International letters e.g. next day delivery compared to a week from X to Y for example) there are a growing number of reasons for both consumers and businesses to adopt the new service.

In addition to the new email service, visitors to are able to take advantage of a web based service including a letter producing API service for developers wishing to send letters direct from their web applications, Braille and audio letter services. Whilst L-Mail have offered a web based service over a year, this marks the introduction of their email application.

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