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introduction to Otodio.

December 14, 2005.
Cambridge Network (UK).

Otodio is a unique new mass market delivery system which enables users to listen to publications at anytime, anywhere and on any digital device: digital radios and mobile (cell) phones!

Time starved commuters, for example, can listen to their favourite newspaper whilst exercising or commuting; driving; 'browsing' through the paper with voice commands (or a simple intuitive controller on the steering wheel or using the existing function buttons on their device).

Otodio is an entirely new delivery channel for the newspaper, magazine/journal and education publishing industry - Otodio versions of publications being receivable before the publishers print-copy version can hit the streets.

Otodio stands beside Print and the Internet as a distinct channel. Otodio can also be used to create and receive corporate and personal documents.

Independent consumer research carried out for Otodio Co', and the emergence of companies like, proves that consumers want, and will pay for, audibly delivered content.

Content is delivered to Otodio enabled mobile phones (initially with a downloadable plug-in to Smartphones), digital (or satellite) radios, portable audio players, PCs or other digital devices. Otodio doesn't need a 'backchannel', but if one is available, 'single-click' impulse buying or other selections can be made by the user.

Otodio will be of great benefit to the visually impaired and dyslexic. Also Otodio has a wide range of educational applications, particularly as many people retain information better when they hear it.

The Otodio Approach

In designing the Otodio technology, Otodio Co' has focused on ease of consumer use; making the creation and delivery of the content as inexpensive and flexible as possible; while incorporating the appropriate security so that it is in every industry participant's interest to adopt it.

Otodio has been specifically designed for the effective delivery of documents for audio-consumption.

Other systems which deliver audio voice content are based on music track technology which doesn't allow the user to effectively navigate around and interact with the document.

An Otodio file for an entire quality newspaper can be delivered in fewer than 5-6 seconds to a mobile(cell)phone.

Otodio 'reading' is enabled with a free downloadable Otodio Receptor which can also be embedded.

Otodio Co' has also developed a reference Bluetooth remote controller for easy manual navigation (for example whilst a user is driving / operating machinery or otherwise 'visually impaired').

The key benefit of Otodio is that the user can easily obtain exactly the information they choose from documents when they are not in a position to read them. This is because all of the elements of Otodio work seamlessly and securely together, enabling hundreds of thousands of publications in dozens of countries to be delivered to millions of devices through multiple channels within a short time period.


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