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December 19, 2005.
PR Newswire.

CORDA Technologies, Inc. announced it has been issued a patent regarding a method for dynamically generating a textual description of online charts and graphs, enabling the visually impaired to have access to information contained within charts, graphs and maps generated with Corda's software tools.

"This patent is of particular value to Corda, especially as it relates to the government and socially responsible companies in the public sector," said Neal Williams, CEO of Corda Technologies. "We are the first company to develop the capability of creating automated textual descriptions of charts and graphs. This feature is important for the visually impaired -- it enables them to have the same access to information in charts and graphs as a person with full sight would have by simply glancing at a chart."

The descriptive text enables government agencies to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, which requires that Federal agencies' electronic and information technology be accessible to people with disabilities. Descriptive text is automatically attached to each graph so that a visually impaired individual can understand the contents of the graph through the use of a screen reader.

The descriptive text feature is an inherent component of Corda's award-winning developer tools, PopChart, OptiMap and Highwire. Not only does this feature describe the data, it also provides the same interactive ability and annotations that sighted users would see viewing the graph. For example, visually impaired users can navigate from one text-description to another using drill-down links. Navigation through large amounts of data is simple, fast and convenient.

Patent No. 6,972,763 was invented by Troy Millett, of Lindon, Derrick Shadel, of South Jordan, and Mardell Cheney, of Highland, assigned to Corda Technologies, Inc., of Lindon, Utah.

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