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Totally blind with a cameraphone.

December 20, 2005.
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I am totally blind and have a Nokia 6620 Camera Phone with Talx.

When I got my phone I thought I didn't and wouldn't ever need the camera feature. Boy, was I wrong.

A couple of weeks ago I called a taxi and when the cab driver arrived he refused to let me and my guide dog into his vehicle. I informed him that he was breaking the law and he said "He could care less". I told him I would call the police and he said go ahead. I did and while waiting for them to arrive I used my phone to take several photos of the driver and his car. I just pointed my camera in the general direction of him and his car and snapped the pictures. He didn't have any idea what I was doing. After waiting impatiently a couple of minutes he got in his car to "call the dispatcher". As soon as he got behind the wheel, he started his car and left, almost knocking us down.

When the police arrived about 15 minutes later they asked me what he looked like and what his cab number was. Of course, I never saw him, but I showed the officer the photos. He was surprised I was able to take pictures. Due to this cell phone and it's camera, the driver was tracked down and fined.

It turns out he had numerous complaints against him and the police had been looking for him, but until now, had no positive way of identifying him.

Leave it to an accessible camera phone to do the trick.

I hope this story helps anyone considering whether or not to get a cell phone with a camera to make a more informed decision.

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