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charity for the blind calling for people to be publicly arrested and jailed.

December 30, 2005.
Community Newswire (UK).

A leading charity for the blind in Birmingham was today calling on people across the city to nominate someone to be publicly arrested and jailed in aid of the good cause.

Birmingham Focus on Blindness is once again gearing up to stage its highly-successful "Jail em and Bail em" event and it wants some of the city's leading lights to help support the charity by spending a day behind bars.

Under the initiative, which takes place on January 26, company directors, husbands, wives, friends and even radio DJ's are arrested in their place of work by the local police force and are then locked up in a cell at the station.

They are only released when 500 in "bail" money is raised by their friends and colleagues for Birmingham Focus on Blindness.

A spokesman for the charity, Alec Longhurst, said: "Jail and Bail is a really fun event, with real police officers making the arrest. What makes it fun is that in many cases the people being arrested aren't aware they've been nominated until we nab them.

"Support from local businesses at these events is vital. Not only do they help us continue the services and support we offer to the 30,000 children and adults in Birmingham that are blind or sight impaired, but they also help us develop the future projects we are so passionate about and so determined to achieve. We hope to raise 15,000 from this event."

If you know someone you want to be arrested, handcuffed and jailed contact the charity on 0121 478 5224 or email

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