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Christmas Joy of Reading Braille.

January 5, 2006.
Anglican Communion News Service - London,UK.

The Canterbury Educational Center in the Diocese of Antsiranana has a new section for blind people. It has been stocked with Braille books sent by Mrs Rosemary Adams of the Torch Trust, Leicester, England.

Claudette Mbevavy, a parishioner in the diocese, is one of those who is benefitting from the gifts.

Claudette has also been blessed with generous help from support groups in Hull in England and elsewhere. She has moved into a new house and will receive electricity as soon as it is connected to her area. The Diocese of Antsiranana will help fix the connections and supply bulbs. She is also looking forward to listening to the radio and to using a refrigerator.

Madagascar is unfortunately going through recurring daily power cuts, due to past corruption in the national electricity supplier, JIRAMA.

For more information please contact: Bishop Roger Chung.

THE TORCH TRUST FOR THE BLIND is a Christian organisation with a worldwide vision for blind and partially sighted people. The Torch Trust produces Christian literature in formats that blind and partially sighted people can read, promotes Christian fellowship with and among blind and partially sighted people and responds to the unmet personal support needs of those whom we serve with literature and fellowship. Torch is based in the UK but operates internationally, especially in Eastern Europe and Africa.

Details about the Torch Trust can be found here:

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