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International Match Race Championship for blind sailors to be held in Imperia.

January 7, 2006.
BYM News (press release) - Gibraltar,Spain.

The Homerus Association, in cooperation with Circolo Velico Imperiese, is arranging its fourth world Homerus Championship Match Race formula, which will take place in Imperia, May 22 to 27, 2006.

The local Lions Clubs will be helping with the expenses and will offer free room and board for the sailors and a companion, during the championship.

The Homerus project was conceived by Alessandro Gaoso and launched in November 1995. Its objective is to teach blind people to sail autonomously and, at the begining of 2004, the number of blind athletes able to sail by themselves was 164. The Homerus Association offers sailing courses on continuous, regular basis, including initialisation, match racing and instrument navigation.

Find out more Homerus Associazione by visiting the website, which is in Italian, English and German.

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