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January 7, 2006.
Dayton Daily News.


On New Year's Day, in broad daylight, something pretty extraordinary happened at East Dorothy Lane and Far Hills Avenue in Kettering.

Judy Smith witnessed it and shares the story.

"I was three cars back on Far Hills, and watched it all unfold," Smith said.

"It centered around what appeared to be three people who are without sight."

She said a man with a seeing-eye dog, a woman using a white cane and a third man who had his arm linked with the woman were crossing Far Hills.

"I think they became disoriented, and didn't make it completely across," Judy said. "They did not make it the curb and turned and began walking in the busy traffic on Far Hills. They were walking right up the street, so vulnerable."

Judy said that motorists in all four directions at the intersection stopped their vehicles.

"Two or three folks put on their flashers and climbed out of cars, and approached the three blind people," she said.

"They softly talked to them and led them over to the curb to safety. The woman seemed to be very nervous about it all.

"It did my heart good to see this kindness," Judy said. "It touched my heart. I am so glad I chose to live and work in Dayton where people are careful and kind, and reach out to help others."

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