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Follow the examples set by disabled Shrestha.

January 8, 2006.
Gorkhapatra - Kathmandu, Nepal.

Nepal Association of Blind (NAB) Sunday paid tributes to late Kamala Shrestha and her contributions to the blind. Speaking at the programme, Suresh Raj Bhandari of NAB said, Shrestha was the first literate disabled woman in Nepal.

"She was blind at the infant age of two, despite her blindness she completed her graduation from Tribhuvan University and struggled a lot to give equal opportunity to the blind and disabled."

She was the executive member of Asian Blind Union, she went to Pakistan, Jordan and Australia as a representative of Nepal Blind Welfare Association.

"We all should follow the examples set by her to uplift the rights of the blind and disabled," he added.

She had helped to empower the blind women by giving skill based training to make them self-dependent, said Sita Subedi of NAB. The association has established a fund to felicitate the disabled who have made significant contributions in their respective fields, he added.

The disabled present at the programme appealed to the government to give them equal treatment like other members of the society. They said that they were in need of equal opportunity rather than sympathy.

Late Kamala Shrestha was executive coordinator of Nepal Blind Association of Women.

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