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An attempted murder at the Voyageur Hotel.

January 9, 2006.
940 News - Montreal,Quebec,Canada.

An attempted murder at the Voyageur Hotel near the bus station alledgedly involved a finalist in the popular Star Academie show.

21-year-old Audrey Trépanier, a blind woman from the Quebec City region, will be charged with attempted murder and weapons possession, among others, today. She was among the 50 finalists in the 3rd edition of the hit Quebec show, similar to American or Canadian Idol.

Trépanier is reportedly suspected drugging her ex-boyfriend, who had come to visit in Montreal, tying him up and attempted to slice his throat with a knife. He too is blind, and despite the drugs, was able to fight her off and call 9-11.

The 23-year-old man from British Colombia has minor injuries. She's been behind bars since her arrest. She's suspected of committing the attempted murder, unable to deal with the fact they had broken up.

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