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Grand jury indicts man in hit and run of blind woman and her guide dog.

Jan 11, 2006.
Durham Herald Sun - Durham,NC,USA.

HILLSBOROUGH -- A grand jury has indicted Stephen White Coffee for a hit and run accident in October in which he injured a blind woman and killed her Seeing Eye dog.

The grand jury indicted Coffee for felonious hit and run, assault on an assistance animal, resisting an officer, reckless driving, driving with a revoked license and injury to personal property.

Police say Coffee was drunk when he drove up BPW Club Road toward his apartment in Carrboro and veered off the road and hit Danielle "Aoife" Iredale, who is blind, and her guide dog, Inka, as they waited at a bus stop.

Iredale suffered a series of injuries, including a broken leg, and her dog died at the scene of the accident. Coffee continued driving, and police found him later at his apartment up the road, where he registered a blood alcohol level of 0.16.

The grand jury indictment means that the charges against him move from district court to superior court.

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