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Legally blind prosecutor seeks judgeship.

January 12, 2006.
WQAD - Moline,IL,USA.

CHICAGO A Cook County juvenile court prosecutor hopes to become the first elected legally blind judge on the county's Circuit Court.

Thomas "T-J" Loftus wants to follow in the footsteps of Nicholas T- Pomaro. Pomaro served 28 years as a legally blind appointed associate judge on the court.

Loftus says he has very limited vision that allows him to make his way around a courtroom. He uses a voice synthesizer on his computer to help with legal research.

As for judging the demeanor of someone on the witness stand, Loftus says he can intuit more from voice inflection than some people can get from looking at a person's face.

Loftus is one of seven candidates running to replace Judge Charles Travis.

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