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Finally, a cellular telephone designed specifically for the blind!

January 15, 2006.
Press Release.

The Owasys 22C provides:

All the features you need to make and receive telephone calls using an easily understood speaking interface. We omitted the screen because a blind user doesn't need one;

Widely spaced buttons that are easily found and operated. All functions are controlled from our easy to use keypad. The Owasys 22C talks to you and not the other way around.

Talking Caller ID, Battery and signal strength, Phonebook, Call Logs, and Configuration menus. Every function speaks. There are no exceptions.

Privacy! The 22C has a speaker phone, but only you can turn it on! Your actions and caller information will not be spoken aloud to anyone and everyone within earshot unless you turn our loudspeaker on.

The Owasys 22C is ready to use out of the box. There are no forms to fill out and submit, no software to download and install, no special cards to insert,and you won't need to study our manual before you can use it. You won't need assistance setting the 22C up for use, because it was developed and manufactured expressly for you, the blind user.

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