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Blessed heart attack for gran.

January 18, 2006.
Channel 4 News - London,UK.

For an elderly blind woman a heart attack proved to be a blessing in disguise as it restored her sight after 25 years of darkness.

Only in her mind's eye could see what everyone else took for granted, Joyce Urch had gone blind in 1979. But then an extraordinary thing happened.

The 74-year-old mother of five had a heart attack and survived - only to find that it wasn't just her heart which had recovered.

Miraculously the grandmother recovered her sight after recovering from her heart attack, which luckily proved to be a mild one.

Joyce said: "I looked at my husband and said 'You've got wrinkles, you're old - that must mean that I'm old!'"

Husband Eric said: "It must be some kind of miracle, that is the only way to explain it."

Even Joyce's doctors say they are baffled about the return of her sight after 25 years but she is not too worried why it happened, but is determined to enjoy every minute.

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