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An environment that gives an equal opportunity to learn is what blind students seek.

January 22, 2006.
NDTV New Delhi, India.

Blind students taking Delhi University exams face problems as authorities rarely provide them trained writers.

Pramod is one of them and his performance in the mid-term MA Hindi exams depends on how well his writer understands him.

He is blind since birth and wants to eventually qualify as a teacher at Delhi University.

It is the University's responsibility to provide trained writers but those drafted for the purpose are not up to the mark, say blind students.

"A lot of times the writers speed is not too good. You say one thing and they write another," said Sudarshan, a MA final year student.

"He sometimes asks the spellings for certain words but if we keep telling him the spelling how will we complete our paper?"

Who is responsible?

Teachers at the university say providing writers is not their responsibility, but an official concerned with the employment of disabled people disagrees.

"The onus is on the university, or the concerned college, they are responsible for it by the constitution, the disability act," said Javed Abidi, Chairperson of the National Centre for Promotion for the disabled.

An environment that gives an equal opportunity to learn is what a student seeks.

The question is, are facilities provided by the Delhi university for the visually impaired students adequate, or is there a need to seriously re-examine the systems in place.

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