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Blind CEO Proves Vision Has Nothing To Do With Sight.

January 30, 2006.
Canada NewsWire (press release) - Canada.

Sharlyn Ayotte launched T-BASE COMMUNICATIONS INC when disease robbed her of her sight. Through her new-found awareness and provocation of the lack of communication materials available to her, Sharlyn Ayotte developed the technology behind T-BASE COMMUNICATIONS, which provides organizations with alternate format communication materials to service their blind and partially sighted customers.

"My inspiration was my limited ability to decipher every day documents such as my monthly bills and bank statements. The need for mainstream alternate services became increasingly apparent," says Sharlyn Ayotte. With over 29 years combined experience and education in the high tech sector, her drive to make accessible materials available to the blind community resulted in the launch of T-BASE COMMUNICATIONS locally in Ottawa, Canada.

"I knew that other members of the blind community were experiencing the same frustration and I was fortunate enough to have background and skills to impact and facilitate change."

Specializing in producing accessible communication materials in Braille, large print, e-Text and audio formats, Sharlyn Ayotte's organization pioneered the standards and pricing models adopted by government and industry, quickly growing into a North American-wide company with production facilities in New York and West Virginia.

Ms. Ayotte attributes her success to a personal interest in provincial and federal legislation along with her intimate knowledge of the services consumers were seeking. "I simply understood the alternative-format products market from the consumer's point of view," adds Ayotte.

T-BASE COMMUNICATIONS has been providing listen-ready and touch-ready contractual and customer management materials for government and industry since 1994. With locations in Canada and the United States, T-BASE COMMUNICATIONS provides North American companies with alternate format communication services for their blind and partially sighted customers. Source URL:

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