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Blind Man Beaten And Robbed In His Own Home.

January 30, 2006.
Lex 18 - Lexington,KY,USA.

Police are looking for two men who entered the home of a Pulaski County man, beat him, and took his wallet. "I opened the door, next thing I know they're pounding me in the face." Gordon Roberts describes the attack as a frightening ordeal especially since he's blind.

Roberts tells LEX-18 News he's never had any problem opening his door to anyone who knocks, but Saturday night, just before 9p.m., two men took him by surprise. He says the men forced their way in and demanded money. He claims they then pushed him to the ground, stomped on him, and ended up leaving with his wallet and about a hundred dollars in cash. "They said don't call the cops, I'll come back and cut you." Gordon says the suspects took advantage of the fact he can't see, making him an easy target.

The Pulaski County sheriff's department says the thieves did leave one thing behind, a black stocking cap with the word marijuana embroidered on it. Investigators found it near the back door and brought in some State Police dogs to pick up a scent, but the animals were unable to find anything.

Roberts was taken to the hospital with bumps and bruises to his face and ribs. The only thing broken he says was his trust. "I'm going to holler who is it. If I don't know your voice, I'm not going to let you in." Said Roberts.

Gordon's son, who also lives with him, was not home at the time, but their doors will now remain locked at all times.

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