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February 2006.

If your company has brochures, pamphlets, manuals, catalogues, or any other kind of information you need to make available to your blind customers in Braille, or

if you have a blind friend or relative for whom you’d like to transcribe something into Braille, or

If you are a blind person yourself, and have anything at all you need transcribed into Braille ...

then welcome to Braille it!

Braille it is a Braille transcription service that has the technology and skill needed to produce high quality, Braille documents in an affordable, timely and professional manner.

We can produce Braille material from print, cassette tape, computer disk or even via email.

Whatever your Braille needs, this is the place for you.

We even do Braille business cards!

For further information, or to discuss your order,


Maureen Pranghofer,
Hidden Gifts,
4910 Dawnview Terrace,
Golden Valley, MN 55422.

By phone: (763) 522-2501.

Via e-mail:

And on the internet, we're at:

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