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Students invent navigation system for the blind.

February 1, 2006.
Central Chronicle - Bhopal,India.

Now, the visually challenged people would be able to walk in crowded areas like markets, railway stations and bus stands. This has been made possible by two students of the city who have invented a very cheap and effective system. It would prove a turning point for the blinds. These students have also been awarded at a national level programme.

Two students of Sri Govindram Sakseria Engineering and Technological Institute, Pallavi Tiwari of Bio medical engineering Dhruv Sakalle have invented a blind navigation system for the blinds.

In this system a new alternative would be provided to the blind at very cheap rates. This system would function according to the signals.

There would be a transmitter fitted in the cap of the blind on head. It would receive the signal from transmitter receiver and would send all the information to the blind. This would also guide the blinds about the distance of the door or he should turn or there is a wall ahead. The information would be available in the form of audio. Excepting this the most important thing is, that there would be a belt on the wrist of the blinds. This belt would give vibrating signal. The system would help the blind to move straight on a path. If the blind misses the path the system would give him an alert signal.

In this way this system would be a combination of audio and signal. The transmitter in this system would be fitted previously in which audio and place would be recorded. With the help of this system the blinds would be able to go in the places where there is much coming and going.

The device is affordable

This system is very cheap, the receiver of this device is only of Rs 330/- and voice circuit is of Rs 20. The IC which has been used in this system its range is about 8 meters. It means there should be a circuit at the distance of 8 meters.

According to Pallavi and Dhruv its cost may be reduced after its commercial use. Its range may be vast. The blinds said this system would be very beneficial for the blinds.

From paper to national level

Pallavi and Dhruv revealed in this connection that they had presented the concerning papers on Feb 20, 2005 in TRIST at Delhi. The duo then worked on this subject at Helen Keller blind's institute. Then they took this project under the supervision of Shafi Siddiqui, Nisha Siddiqui, Gaurav Dubey and Prabhat Sagar.

They carried out this project within 15 days. The students then presented this project at national technical fair techfast which was organised by IIT Pawai(Mumbai).They secured second position in the fair. This is a pride for the city and country as well.

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