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Fervent plea to revoke ban on lottery trade

February 10, 2006.
News Today - India.

Speakers at a special conference organised by the Lottery and Retail Traders and Physically Disabled Welfare Association here yesterday made a fervent plea to the State government to revoke the ban on lottery trade.

'We are ready to even reduce our rates of commission and pass on the benefit to poor hawkers, whose families are distressed and in despair because of the ban on the trade. There may be some lacunae in our trade. But it can be corrected. By revoking the ban on our trade about 70,000 visually and physically handicapped people and more than four lakh small traders throughout the state and their dependent families will be directly benefitted,' said K Rathinam, president, Lottery and Retail Traders and Physically Disabled Welfare Association, while speaking on the occasion.

Hundreds of visually and physically disabled persons participated in the meet and poured out their tales of woes. Tears begun rolling down the cheeks of Rani, a visually challenged woman, when she started narrating her woes as a result of the lottery ban.

'There will be zonal conferences at Tiruchi, Madurai and Coimbatore on 10, 11 and 12 February respectively to urge the government to revoke the ban on the trade,' Usman Fayaz, President, All India Federation of Lottery Trade and Allied Industries, said while speaking to News Today.

Further, he said the idea mooted by the erstwhile BJP-led NDA government at the Centre to ban lottery trade altogether does not find favour now. A broad consensus has now emerged to regulate the trade at the national-level, he said while adding that 'we are only willing to co-operate with the government on this.'

'Soon, we hope to meet the Chief Minister and are confident that she will sympathetically consider our grievances and revoke the ban on our trade,' Fayaz said.

'How can we pull down a house, just to avoid the bug menace,' T Vellaiyan, president of Tamilnadu Vanigar Sangangalin Peravai wanted to know. 'If at all certain irregularities or lacunae are found, they need to be corrected and banning the trade as a whole is certainly not a solution,' he said and appealed to the government to lift the ban.

Resolutions were also adopted urging the government to lift the ban on the trade forthwith, enabling lakhs of people get an opportunity to eke out a livelihood. It also urged the government to introduce its own lottery schemes and streamline the trade.

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