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Braille Institute, helping families of the sight-impaired.

February 10, 2006.
KESQ - Palm Desert,CA,USA.

The Braille Institute is trying to teach people who can see what it's like to be blind. The program helps the family members of people losing their sight.

Today, family members who previously only imagined what it's like to be blind were invited to the Braille Institute to help them understand what their loved ones go through everyday.

"When the person needs a guide, they need to be guided."

People often think pushing from behind is guiding or holding hands but, it's not. The guide always goes first, holding the leader's arm above the elbow. Most of the students here are in their 70s, 80s and 90s and are blind because of macular degeneration.

"Itís basically a disease of the aging eye and it means that, very easily understood, we are living longer than our eyes are servicing us."

Even seemingly simple, everyday tasks like slicing a lemon can become an obstacle when your vision is taken away. Spouses of the blind were encouraged to see how different life can be and shown simple ways of overcoming the problems.

"It's a guide knife. It's got the guide that makes sure that you can cut evenly"

These tools and your senses help you regain some of the independence you gradually lost, along with your eyesight.

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