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Fear over disabled people's jobs.

February 14, 2006.
BBC News, Scotland (UK).

Efforts are underway to save disabled jobs at Glencraft

An Aberdeen factory which employs blind and disabled workers is facing job losses, BBC Scotland has learned.

Glencraft, an independent charity which employs about 80 people, is thought to be losing an estimated #200,000 a year.

Glencraft is involved in the furniture trade and most of the workers are blind or disabled.

An emergency board meeting has been held and Aberdeen City Council is now trying to find a way to help Glencraft secure its future.

It is understand the options considered were closure or a recovery plan.

Swing back

Glencraft's interim manager Anthony Pratt said: "The problem has been that there has been a switch from own-manufactured goods to goods that are bought in and sold on.

"But there hasn't been a reduction in the costs of the business.

"We are having to look at reviewing the product range that is being sold, and trying to swing the emphasis back to own-manufactured products."

The scale of any job losses will not be known until a business plan is completed.

Glencraft is funded largely by Aberdeen City Council and a spokesperson said it was putting together a team of specialist officers.

They will work with other agencies to respond to the situation and provide support and advice to staff.

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