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Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Book Released in Braille.

Christian Today (UK).
Monday, February 20, 2006.

The Purpose Driven Life, the best-selling book by Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in the USA, has been produced as a Braille version by Torch Trust for the Blind, a UK-based Christian fellowship with the aim to allow blind and sighted people to meet on equal terms.

Now used in more than 800 churches in the UK alone, The Purpose Driven Life has been adopted gratefully by churches across the world as part of a structured spiritual journey to allow congregants find their purpose in God.

The Purpose Driven UK website reveals: "For some time we have been asked for materials to help the blind or visually impaired read the book on a daily basis with the rest of their church."

Torch Trust for the Blind produces Christian literature, fellowship and personal support for visually impaired people. The organisation has now produced Braille and giant print editions of The Purpose Driven Life.

Already more than 100 Braille copies and 17 giant print editions have been sold, and have been made available to purchase or to borrow from Torch's free postal library service.

The Purpose Driven UK press release testifies: "It's exciting to know that visually impaired people can now participate fully in the many 40 Days of Purpose courses running in churches across the globe."

It adds: "Maybe your church is planning to run the course - make sure blind and partially sighted people get the chance to have the book in a format they can read."

To find out more information about Torch Trust for the Blind please visit: HERE.

Daniel Blake

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