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MagneticTime Announces MT-Podcast.

Press Release.
Tuesday, February 21, 2006.

MagneticTimeT (, the innovative mobile audio company, announced today it is developing MT-Podcast, which lets anyone produce Podcasts without people! Just write your script in a Word doc and let MT-Podcast be your personal Podcast announcer. MT-Podcast translates your script into a natural sounding male or female voice in MP3 format, which can be posted on the Internet as a Podcast, as well as played on any MP3 player, including iPod, PDAs, cellphones, and PC's.

MT-Podcast lets anyone, including people who don't have high-quality voices, don't speak English, or can't or don't want to record their voice for a Podcast, produce professional-sounding Podcast recordings. To create a Podcast, people currently must read a script into a microphone, and then convert the recording into an MP3. For example, Stuff Magazine UK's monthly news Podcast as well as many other magazines and newspapers, produce Podcasts this way. MT-Podcast simplifies this process by automatically and accurately translating written Word documents to MP3 Podcasts without the need of recorded voice. MT-Podcast can also be used for training manuals and news services, and anywhere else where people have to read and record materials.

MagneticTime Speech Technology

Using advanced data processing and summarization technologies, MT-Podcast is based on MagneticTime's MT1 text to speech product for iPods, PCs, PDAs and cell phones (announced in November), which lets you listen to your emails and Word documents in MP3 format while traveling, commuting or even exercising.

MT-Podcast uses advanced speech technologies, so that the old synthesized 'tin can' voices of the past have been replaced with new natural sounding voices. MagneticTime's high quality text-to-speech technology transforms word documents into natural speech, reading them aloud with the flexibility and richness of natural sounding speech. The software speaks multiple languages and reads names, numbers and currencies for an optimal and smooth translation.

Richard O'Donnell, CEO, MagneticTime, said, "We are proud that many of our customers believe our text to speech technology to be the most advanced in the market today. These same customers have confirmed that building MT-Podcast on this foundation will save the corporate & personal user a lot of the time and money, currently spent on editing or hiring actors to produce Podcasts."

Pricing & Availability

MT-Podcast will be available for Windows in mid 2006 for download at: Pricing is to be determined, but will continue the MagneticTime pricing philosophy of excellent value coupled with innovative technology. Currently available in English, MagneticTime will also be soon available in French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Belgian Dutch and Swedish.

For more information, see the website

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