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Publishers targeted in R N I B campaign.

Publishing News (UK).
Thursday, February 23, 2006.

THE ROYAL NATIONAL Institute of the Blind has published a manifesto calling on authors to push for a clause in their contracts which will make their books more accessible to blind and partially sighted people, by simultaneously publishing with the standard print edition. Jacqueline Wilson is spearheading the campaign, with the author being the first to ask her publisher (Transworld) to add this clause.

The manifesto, Chapter and Verse, forms part of its Right to Read campaign, launched at the end of 2004, which garnered support from many high-profile authors, including JK Rowling, which led to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince being made available in Braille on publication day.

One of the methods which the RNIB has been developing with the Publishers Association and the Publishers Licensing Society, is a "trusted intermediary" scheme, where publishers make their digital content available in secure conditions which is then converted to an appropriate file format to aid simultaneous publication. The RNIB is also talking to Book Industry Communications to address some of the structural issues involved, such as separate ISBNs.

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