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Taxi driver parked over guide-dog snub.

Calgary Sun - Calgary,Alberta,Canada.
Friday, March 03, 2006.

The city cabbie who refused to take a blind Calgarian and his guide dog into his car has been parked indefinitely, says his boss.

And until the driver, who refused to serve Bill Eng and his service dog Pomona on Feb. 19, can provide proof the animal allergy he claimed was the reason for his actions is legitimate, he won't be working for Associated Cabs again, said company president Roger Richard.

"He was supposed to bring in a medical report and he hasn't," Richard said yesterday.

He said the conduct of the unnamed driver, who'd been with Associated about a year and was immediately suspended after the firm learned of the incident, was in direct violation of company policy when he bluntly refused Eng service.

"That is something that is not acceptable and in our training that's made very clear -- so there is no excuse," Richard said.

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