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Five blind masseurs with charitable hearts.

The Malaysia Star ( Malaysia).
Sunday, March 05, 2006.


MALACCA: Being blind has not stopped five individuals from doing their bid to help the elderly.

The five - four partially blind men and a blind woman - had set up a massage centre to be financially independent, but on Sunday evenings they give free massages to senior citizens.

AG Blind Enterprise in Taman Cheng Baru was set up in November last year with the help of the state Welfare Department. They provide reflexology and body massage.

"Everyone should contribute to charity and we are no different," said company manager Razali Sudin, 52.

Sometimes, the five gave free massages to the poor in their own villages.

"This is the least we can do, spare some time for the needy. After all, the charity work does not affect our business and it's not a burden to us," Razali said.

He said they also went to old folk homes to give massage services if the homes requested for it.

Some of their clients even offered to pay although the five had been willing to give their services for free.

Abu Daud, 75, from the Seri Kenangan old folks home, said he used to get massage at the home, also free of charge, before AG Blind Enterprise opened.

"We feel very comfortable here.

"This is a good programme. I hope to come here more often," he said, adding that this was only his second visit to the centre.

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