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Tuesday, March 07, 2006.

By Katie Hope.

Charity holds speed recruitment days where candidates have a one-on-one interview for seven minutes before moving on to the next employer.

Speed recruitment days, based on the speed-dating format, are being used to boost the number of visually impaired people in work.

The charity Blind in Business, set up 10 years ago by three blind graduates to make it easier for visually impaired university-leavers to get jobs, believes the events are a way of matching employers and candidates who may otherwise never meet.

"Many companies rely on glossy brochures and websites with flashy technology as a means of attracting graduates. This visual approach can be inaccessible to a lot of visually impaired people," Gen Herga, employment co-ordinator at Blind in Business, told PM.

The charity has recruited 20 employers to meet 20 visually impaired graduates. Each candidate will have a one-on-one interview for seven minutes before moving on to the next employer.

Herga says she hopes the event, which is the second the charity has organised, will result in work placements and that the candidates will be motivated to apply to the firm's graduate schemes.

The day is also intended to introduce employers to the practicalities and issues affecting visually impaired graduates and their recruitment managers, including technology that can assist blind employees in the workplace.

Goldman Sachs, which attended the event last year, offered one of the graduates a paid three-month work placement as a result of the day, and has since launched a Visual Impairment Internship Initiative aimed at recruiting more visually impaired people for internships.

Samantha Pirog, executive director at Goldman Sachs, said the day offered a means of tapping into a wider and more varied talent pool.

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