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Fund would help people living with disabilities and the visually impaired to start their own business.

The Swazi Observer, Swaziland.
Monday, March 13, 2006.

By Mbongiseni Ndzimandze.

THE Minister of Enterprise and Employment, Lutfo Dlamini has established a business fund for the visually impaired and deaf people who want to venture into business.

The fund, which will be known as Revolving Fund and will be launched on September 6 at a venue yet to be announced.

The minister further highlighted that , about E200 000 has to be raised for the establishment of the much anticipated fund.

Dlamini said the fund would help people living with disabilities and the visually impaired to start their own business.

He was speaking during the closing ceremony of the business start-up course for the members of the Federation of the Organisation of the Disabled in Swaziland (FODSWA) held at the Mbabane youth centre on Friday.

Dlamini also urged members of the organization to select two people to represent them in the SEDCO Board of Directors and one in the Steering Committee.

He further encouraged them to venture into business since they had acquired knowledge of how to operate a business.

"Don't look down upon yourselves, but work hand in hand and enrich yourselves," said the minister.

He further stated that the E1.6 billion fund launched by the His Majesty King Mswati III was for everyone.

"I encourage you to go to the Tinkhundla centres and get help like any normal person," he stressed.

Dlamini also encouraged them to always walk tall because they were part and parcel of the society and deserved equal treatment.

The ceremony, which was also attend by Mbabane East Member of Parliament Esther Dlamini was spiced up by poems and songs rendered by the graduates.

The minister then invited members of the organisation to a business handicraft show scheduled for April 7.

He said this would be a great opportunity for them to showcase their talent.

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