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Monday, March 20, 2006. - a new search engine developed to deliver search results to users in a large, easy to read format - today announces the immediate availability of the Web Magnifier. Available from as a free, downloadable toolbar for use with Internet Explorer web browsers, Web Magnifier provides users with the ability to enlarge the text and graphics of any HTML web page for easier reading and navigation.

The trend of decreasing font sizes in web design has made navigating the web an increasingly difficult task for many Internet users. According to the American Council of the Blind, nearly 8 million Americans are unable to read regular print even with reading glasses, and the number is expected to grow as the population ages. Not just for web users with impaired vision, Web Magnifier can also be useful when reading the fine print of an online contest or a site's privacy policy - both of which are typically displayed in smaller front sizes - or to simply increase the size of a photo to reveal more detail.

"Whether it's for design reasons or space constraints on a given page, text and images on the web seem to be getting smaller and smaller," said Tom McGovern, CEO of "With the Web Magnifier, we hope to give users' eyes much needed relief and allow them to enjoy the web in a way that works better for them."

Web Magnifier sits as a toolbar at the top of a user's screen and contains a search box for immediate web searches as well as 3 buttons for the various levels of magnification - normal, big and bigger. Once a page is magnified to the desired level, Web Magnifier remembers the setting and automatically adjusts the magnification on subsequent visits to the page. Additionally, the toolbar itself can be displayed in large and standard sizes.

System Requirements

System requirements for the Web Magnifier include Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, Internet Explorer 6.0, 1MB hard drive space and 128 MB of RAM.

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