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Announcing an entirely voice activated answering machine.

Press Release.
Tuesday, March 28, 2006.

Independent Living Aids, Inc., one of the country's primary mail-order suppliers of aids for the visually impaired and blind, has announced the addition of a totally voice activated answering machine to its comprehensive inventory of products. "The Answer" is unique because it is completely voice activated and controlled. It has a built-in clock that permits you to hear the time and day of the week by speaking the words 'tell time.' Hearing messages is as simple as saying 'play new' and volume can be controlled by saying 'set volume.' Additional options such as hearing old messages and leaving personal memos or reminders are also built in. No training is necessary and The Answer can be used right out of the box. Simple instructions are given clearly and slowly, which will appeal to anyone who prefers not reading instructions and so its market appeal may extend beyond the visually impaired and blind to the severely physically handicapped.

It can record up to 60 messages up to a minute long, each with a time stamp that can be stored for voice command retrieval. This is a fully digital product containing no moving parts. It is powered by an included A/C adapter and is under warranty for one year from time of purchase. This is one product that could easily be included in some well-known gift catalogs that sell mainly to executive types who "already have everything they need" but may not have everything they want. The Answer is a unique item for people who appreciate innovative quality products. The purchase price is $249.00 and can be ordered by calling toll free at 1-800-537-2118 or online at:

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