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ScanTalker version 2.0, a bar code scanning application for PAC Mate.
Friday, March 31, 2006.

Freedom Scientific announced today the release of ScanTalker version 2.0, a powerful bar code scanning application for the PAC Mate BX and QX series. Featuring an extensive product database and support for omni-directional scanning, ScanTalker enables users who are blind to independently access in speech and braille information about products they purchase.

ScanTalker users can identify common items found on store shelves using the UPC bar code on the product labels. The Metrologic omni-directional, USB-powered handheld bar code reader included with ScanTalker is easy for a blind person to use. Simply point the reader at the product, and the bar code is scanned regardless of its orientation relative to the reader.

ScanTalker's built-in database contains over 1.2 million UPC codes in the following categories:

* More than 285,000 grocery and over-the-counter pharmaceutical items
* More than 320,000 CDs and DVDs
* More than 90,000 health and beauty items
* More than 500,000 general merchandise goods

To identify an item, simply connect the bar code reader to the PAC Mate's USB port, insert the ScanTalker CompactFlashT card into an available CompactFlash slot, scan the item, and if the bar code is matched with an item in the database, the product brand and name will be spoken. ScanTalker will also provide additional information found on the label that sighted people sometimes take for granted, like preparation instructions. If a bar code can not be matched in the database, the user can manually add information about the product. This information will be available next time the item is scanned.

"This is incredible," said Ron Miller, a Product Manager at Freedom Scientific who uses the product. "With previous bar code readers, I really couldn't line up on bar codes and make them work. With the omni-directional scanner and ScanTalker, I can tell in seconds whether I have a can of peaches or a can of dog food. It even tells me the dosage for over-the-counter remedies and the cast and rating of my DVDs."

ScanTalker sells for $985.00 and requires a PAC Mate BX or QX running release 4.0. To place an order, contact Freedom Scientific at 800-444-4443 or 727-803-8000.

Users of ScanTalker 1.0 will want to Visit the ScanTalker Update Page for a free download and information on obtaining the Metrologic omni-directional bar code scanner.

Source : Freedom Scientific

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