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The Sun (United Kingdom).
Tuesday, April 04, 2006.

A CARER stole a blind woman's savings by taking 5 and 10 notes and replacing them with bits of paper.

Sylvia Floyd, 46, was caught only when frail Ella Slezak was asked for change at her sheltered accommodation unit.

Prosecutor Neil White told JPs: "Another resident asked Mrs Slezak to split a 10 note and she handed the woman two worthless pieces of paper."

Floyd also pretended to pay Mrs Slezak, 78, money she owed by cheque - but it was really a TAKEAWAY MENU in an envelope. Floyd admitted stealing 4,140 from the pensioner over six years. Mr White described the offences as "cruel and evil".

Mrs Slezak had saved 500 of the cash to give to a cancer charity. Her phone was cut off because Floyd did not pay the bills.

JPs in Blackburn, Lancs, were told the unit had sacked Floyd as a cleaner for stealing - but she continued to act as unofficial carer to the blind pensioner.

Mrs Slezak told police: "I thought I had a friend for life - I trusted her with everything." Floyd will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court.,,2-2006150560,00.html

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