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Color Weather Forecaster (device features audio).

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006.

Sometime ago weather prediction consisted of a grandma telling her grandkids that there is going to be rain for her bones hurt. Now days it's a bit different, Sharper Image has announced that they will be selling something called the Color Weather Forecaster. Just in case you still don't know what it does I'll tell you, the Color Weather Forecaster tells you what the weather is going to be like. Now that we have that out of our way we can focus on the features of this wonderful product. The rather expensive device, shows as well as tells you what the weather is going to be in a cool and unique way.

The forecaster features a 3.8 inch LCD screen which displays fully colors pictures of the weather outside. For example when it is snowing outside the picture on the device will change in accordance to that, and show some scenery which relates the condition the best. In snow's case it will probably be some picture of a mountain covered in snow or something. Just in case your blind and cant see the picture, Sharper Image also included audio to go with every picture displayed, like the sound of a sled going through the snow. The device runs on 2 AAA batteries that will power the forecaster for a long period of time, and are easily replaceable unlike rechargeable batteries.

The device comes with an outdoor temperature and humidity sensor that is connected to the forecaster with a distance limit of 50 meters. The sensor provides all the data the device needs for its daily forecast, and just so you don't miss the wonderful forecast the device also comes with an alarm clock. It can even sync time via the U.S. Atomic Clock, and included all the basic alarm clock functions. The device is a perfect replacement for any alarm clock and will run you for around $160. You can find out more about this at Sharper Image's official web site by clicking here.

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