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Iran Daily (Iran).
Friday, April 07, 2006.

State Welfare Organization announced that the Middle East's first Internet website designed for the sightless and visually impaired was launched.

In an interview with ISNA, SWO's director general for statistics and information technology, Babak Mirzahosseini, invited users suffering from poor vision or loss of sight to visit

Mirzahosseini said the visually-challenged people could benefit from the site's contents using special computer hardware and software.

The characters and images are enlarged to assist the partially sighted surfers, the official noted.

According to Mirzahosseini, the bilingual (Persian-English) website is being presently completed. Titles of books kept at Roudaki Center for the Blind are also being listed in the website.

The official vowed that the organization would obtain permissions to provide the blind with access to the entire books of the National Library. The sightless and visually-impaired users would be able to study the books either by installing a magnification device or printing them in Braille, he elaborated.

The official called on those interested in accessing the books to apply for membership with SWO branches.

Recalling that the inaccessibility of academic books for visually impaired students had always been a dilemma, Mirzahosseini said the site makes it possible to upload the books demanded by those suffering from vision problems.

Mirzahosseini said that the audio version of a number of books is also available at the site's archives.

He called on users to help improve the website through their proposals.

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