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Wednesday, April 12, 2006.

Whether you're single or single again, Dating4Disabled wants to help you express yourself, make friends, and hopefully find a partner for life.

Developed by a group of volunteers whose goal is to provide more social, intellectual and romantic outlets for disabled individuals, this growing community, has become an international gathering place, home to members from over 15 countries worldwide. It is a place for people of all nationalities, backgrounds and life-challenges to share, connect and just be heard through forums, a dating service, private chats, and blogs. Membership is free and at sign-up users create a profile which tailors their online preferences and allows them to customize their interactions by type of relationship, life-challenge, location, interests and more.

Dating4Disabled is formatted to be accessible to those with vision impairments, incorporating large font options and supporting icon comments. It is also compatible with most screen readers, including JAWS.

Visit this link for the Dating4Disabled website:

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